Sandwich 160  / futon διπλό στρώμα.Χειροποίητο στρώμα από 100% φυσικά υλικά όπως ο κοκοφοίνικας,το μαλλί, το φυσικό latex και βέβαια, τι άλλο, αφού είναι παραδοσιακό futon στρώμα, εκτός από αγνό βαμβάκι!Φτιαγμένο στο χέρι με την κλασσική Ιαπωνική μέθοδο.

Η σύνθεσή του αποτελείται από:

  • βαμβάκι σε 6 μέρη + 2 μέρη μαλλί + δύο τμήματα λάτεξ των 2εκ το καθένα + 3 εκ. Coco-Latex.

Ενα στιβαρό στρώμα futon προσαρμοσμένο στο σήμερα, αλλά πάντα πιστό στην Ιαπωνική παράδοση των στρωμάτων φουτόν.Χωρίς χημικές ουσίες, μεταλλικά μέρη (ελατήρια) που είναι βλαβερά για τον οργανισμό μας.

Επιλέξτε το δικό σας σήμερα!


This material has been used in Futon mattresses since the beginning. It adjusts itself to the contours of the body and supports it along its entire length. The spine is thus not exposed to additional pressures. Cotton absorbs sweat produced during the night and evaporates it completely during the day. It lets the air right through and is a completely natural material.


Coconut plates are made from softened coconut fibres combined using latex. Their structure allows the air to easily pass through, meaning that the mattress is constantly ventilated. Coconut fibres are a hard material resistant to moisture - they do not absorb water.


The raw material used in the production of latex is the milk obtained from rubber trees. Latex is the latest and most exclusive material used in production of mattresses. Thanks to its elasticity it adjusts itself to the body and its rough structure allows the mattress to be continuously ventilated.


Does not bounce back and compressed cotton adjusts itself to the human contours and supports the spine along its entire length.

This is why FUTONS are especially recommended to people with spine disorders or who are overweight.

- they even out the temperature. An appropriate quantity of fresh air reaches your skin during hot nights. A layer of compressed cotton at the bottom of a FUTON mattress, after it is turned over, gives an additional effect of accumulated heat produced by your body - meaning that it keeps you warm in the winter (applies to winter / summer mattresses).

- Thanks to its sheer structure and reversibility, FUTON is aired during the day, meaning that it is better ventilated and maintains its fresh, natural scent.

- The original FUTON does not contain any harmful chemical substances. It's an ideal solution for those caring for the natural environment and for their own health.

Sandwich 160 / futon διπλό στρώμα


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